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Below you will find a brief bio on each of our outstanding girls. We are incredibly lucky to have such good-natured, athletic and extremely versatile girls as part of our family. They give 100% to everything they do and love every minute of it. They are truly an amazing group of dogs. Please visit our social media pages for many more photos of all the dogs, doing the things they love.


DB Ziva's Times Makin Changes "Ziva"


03/01/2010 - 03/28/2022 RIP sweet girl. 

I will miss you every minute of every day. You were simply the BEST.

Oh, what to say about Ziva? This girl is the love of my life, a once in a lifetime dog, and a true "heart dog". She is the kindest, sweetest, and most gentle dog I've ever known. She is intelligent, silly and goofy, yet incredibly willing and serious about her work. Ziva is a critter hunter, Goose Dog extraordinaire, and all around athlete. She will take on anything, anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is ask. Ziva is retired from "sports" but loved to lure course, barn hunt, play agility and dock dive back in her prime. Today, she is still one of our most important Goose Dogs and can swim for days. You'll never meet a dog as comfortable in the water as she is. When she isn't working, Ziva is the number one house dog and the best couch partner you could ask for. Ziva's favorite things are milkshakes, chicken nuggets, french fries, and generally anything you are eating. To say she's spoiled is an understatement! Ziva is retired from breeding but has given us some amazing puppies and we are fortunate to have her beautiful daughter Solo here at Buck Branch.

ABCA/AKC Registered Blue Merle DOB: 03/01/2010

Ziva stands 17in tall and currently 35lbs

Ziva has a medium coat and petite build

DNA tested CEA, CL, MDR1 Normal, TNS Carrier CERF Normal

OFA Hips Good

CA, CGC, CAA, DS, CL1-F, Certified Goose Dog NAGA


CB Jealous Storms Are Rising "Envy"

Envy is one of a kind and we are extremely fortunate to have this amazing girl as part of our family. She is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever been around and sometimes wonder if she can read my mind? Envy is a problem solver, a thinker, and can outwit you if given the chance. She is crazy about her tennis ball and loves to play her favorite game of Flyball. At the age of 10yrs old, she still loves getting out in the flyball lanes and giving it all she has. Envy loves water and is an avid swimmer, but never took to dock diving. She does love to work birds in water and has been part of our Goose Dog team for several years. Envy also turns on the speed in lure coursing and earned several titles with a quickness. When she isn't playing with her ball or swimming in our pond, Envy is the ultimate house dog, spending most of her time lounging in my bed! Envy is retired from breeding but we are very lucky to have her awesome son Rush here at Buck Branch.

ABCA/AKC Registered Red Merle DOB: 05/25/2010

Envy stands 17in tall and currently 36lbs

Envy has a medium coat and petite build

DNA tested CEA, CH, CL, TNS, MDR1 Normal CERF Normal

OFA Hips Good

FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX, CGC, CA, CAA, Certified Goose Dog NAGA, Iron Dog (Flyball), MBD, MBDX


CB Happening For A Reisen "Reisen"

Reisen is a gorgeous girl that we just had to have as she is a great-grand daughter of our foundation male, The Iceman (d). She is also sired by Ziva's full brother, and a grand daughter of our Kip, so she is a wonderful blend of our lines from past to present. Reisen is incredibly fast and an absolute powerhouse of a dog. She has extreme stamina and drive and can run for days. She is definitely the "thoroughbred" of Buck Branch! Reisen has beautiful structure, an amazing work ethic, and gives all she has at everything she does. She has competed successfully in lure coursing and dock diving and her current passion is working birds. She is one of the most important members of our Goose Dog team. As she has gotten older, Reisen has learned that it is ok to settle down in the house and take a nap from time to time. Now, she has an amazing off switch and is a wonderful house dog. Reisen is retired from breeding but has given us some phenomenal puppies, including our own Moxie, who we absolutely adore.

ABCA/AKC Registered Red Merle DOB: 10/22/2011

Reisen stands 17.5 in tall and currently 36 lbs

Reisen has a medium coat and medium build

DNA tested CEA, CH, CL, TNS, MDR1 Normal CERF Normal

OFA Hips Good

CA, CAA, 1 Q shy of DS, Certified Goose Dog NAGA


CB Feature Presentation "Solo"

Solo is a delightful girl from our Kip x Ziva litter and we just love this little monkey. She is a wonderful combination of her parents with her athletic ability, super sweet disposition and her eagerness to please you. Solo has a lot of natural ability and will try anything you ask of her. She doesn't love water like her parents but she certainly likes to work birds with an easy, effortless style. Solo loves to go hiking, playing ball in the yard, and chasing birds as part of our Goose Dog team. When she isn't working, Solo is the best house dog you could ask for. You hardly know she's even inside as she keeps to herself and never makes a sound. We are fortunate to have this amazing girl! 

ABCA/AKC Registered Blue Merle (ghost tri) DOB: 04/24/2013

Solo stands 16.5in tall and currently 32lbs

Solo has a medium coat and petite build

DNA tested CEA Carrier, CL, MDR1 Normal, TNS Carrier

OFA Good

Goose Dog



Proven is a tiny little powerhouse that loves to work more than most dogs. She comes from imported lines on her sire side and gets her drive and work ethic honestly. She has an incredible amount of eye and an intense desire to work, which makes her a fantastic member of our Goose Dog team. Proven is also super sweet and wants to please you more than anything. When she isn't working, Proven loves to go on hikes with us and has become a great little trail partner. She will literally go anywhere and try anything. She is also a wonderful house dog who keeps to herself and enjoys a minute of down time. We thank Rebecca Gibson with Flyaway Geese for this wonderful girl.

ABCA/AKC Registered Blue Merle Tri DOB: 07/13/17

Proven stands 16in tall and currenlty 30lbs

Proven has a medium coat and petite build

DNA tested CEA Carrier, Normal for entire panel Canine Healthcheck

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patellas Normal

Goose Dog


CB Making Mine Moxie! "Moxie"

Moxie is our fantastic girl from the Rush x Reisen v2.0 litter and we could not be more thrilled with her. I knew when Moxie was just 5 weeks old that she was going to be something special and she had to stay here at Buck Branch. Moxie has explosive speed and can turn on a dime. She is incredibly athletic, has a super disposition, and the most beautiful structure. Moxie is a "do anything" type of dog and will eagerly try anything we put in front of her. She has excelled in her flyball practice and we had planned to debut ~Spring 2020. Unfortunately, all plans have been postponed indefinitely but we hope to hit the flyball lanes sometime in the spring 2021. She's going to be a superstar! Moxie is also an amazing swimmer and very comfortable in the water. Along with her drive and determination, she will be a crucial part of our Goose Dog team in the future. We just love everything about this girl and are very fortunate to have her!

ABCA/AKC Registered Red Merle DOB: 07/01/2018

Moxie stands 17.5in tall and currently 36 pounds

Moxie has a medium coat and medium build

DNA tested Carrier for CEA, otherwise Clear on Entire Panel Optimal Selection 

OFA Hips Fair, Normal Patellas, Normal Elbows, Normal Shoulders

In training for Flyball and Dock Diving, active Goose Dog

CA, BCAT Personal best of 26.39mph


Sagehill Spot On The Perfect Puzzle Piece "Jenga"

Jenga is our youngest girl at Buck Branch and we absolutely love this little girl! She is everything you could ask for in a tiny little package. She is extremely fast and agile, very eager and willing, very intelligent and best of all, a complete sweetheart. This girl is so sweet and loves to give the best kisses. Jenga is an all around rock star. She will go anywhere and try anything and isn't worried or afraid of a thing. We are currently working on our basic puppy training and she aces anything I show her. She also loves to swim and is incredibly confident in the water, more than any youngster I have ever seen. She loves to go hiking, especially when there are logs to jump over or big rocks to climb on. We really couldn't be more thrilled to have this girl and thank our dear friend Paulena with Sagehill Agility for the opportunity to have her.

AKC Registered Blue Merle Tri DOB: 03/08/2020

Jenga is 19in tall and currently 35 pounds

Jenga has a medium coat and medium build

DNA Clear Entire Panel Optimal Selection

OFA Good Hips, Normal Shoulders, Normal Patellas, Normal Elbows

CA, BCAT, CAA, CAX, DCAT with a PB of 29.19mph

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