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Here you can find lots of information on our current litters, upcoming litters or litters belonging to our good friends. We also have lots of information on the Puppy Info/Contract page that should answer most questions you may have. If you decide you'd like to be considered for one of our litters, please fill out our Questionnaire so that we may get to know you! If you submit a questionnaire, please send an e-mail or text letting us know, as sometimes they don't make it to my inbox. Below are our current plans for 2022. Due to Covid-19, some of our plans have changed. Be sure to visit the Our Dogs Page for bio's and pictures of each of our dogs and potential parents of our litters. Also, visit our social media pages for many pictures, video and daily updates on what we are up to!

Puppy Plans

We have plans for several litters in 2022, pending our travel schedules, the girls cycles, and our sports plans that we would like to catch up on. COVID put a big damper on our trials and tournaments, so we would like to play as much as possible in 2022. Tentative plans would include a repeat of Quest x Moxie, a first litter for Jenga (late 2022), and one more try for a litter with Proven (she has missed the last several attempts). All plans will be updated here as well as our social media pages!

*Update February 3, 2023: Our two winter litters have arrived! We are thrilled with the beautiful puppies that Quest, Moxie and Proven have given us. As we continue to learn about each puppy and get an idea of what they are all about, it is clear that we will have several puppies available to sporty homes! From Moxie's litter, several male puppies in need of experienced/sporty homes. Red & white and red merle babies! From Proven's litter, a black & white female for an active pet home/sporty home. Please fill out our questionnaire and inquire if you might be the right fit for these nuggets!

Quest & Moxie.JPG

UPDATE 12/20/2022  Quest and Moxie gave us 7 wonderful puppies on the morning of December 2nd. We are thrilled with these puppies! We have 6 boys (3 red & white, 2 red merle and 1 white & red merle) and 1 girl (red & white tri). Sadly, we lost the white & red merle boy on December 4th but the remaining 6 puppies are doing wonderfully. We have several puppies available from this litter!

Quest & Proven.JPG

Quest and Proven gave us SEVEN gorgeous puppies on the morning of December 8th! We have 5 girls (4 black & white and 1 blue merle) and 2 blue merle boys. They are doing fantastic and growing like weeds already! Proven is an outstanding mom and handling the large litter like a champ. We have a black & white female available from this litter!

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