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Here you can find lots of information on our current litters, upcoming litters or litters belonging to our good friends. We also have lots of information on the Puppy Info/Contract page that should answer most questions you may have. If you decide you'd like to be considered for one of our litters, please fill out our Questionnaire so that we may get to know you! If you submit a questionnaire, please send an e-mail or text letting us know, as sometimes they don't make it to my inbox. Below are our current plans for 2023-2024. Be sure to visit the Our Dogs Page for bio's and pictures of each of our dogs and potential parents of our litters. Also, visit our social media pages for many pictures, video and daily updates on what we are up to!

Puppy Plans

We have some very exciting plans for the remainder of the year and into next year. Keeping in mind our sports schedules, travel plans and the girls cycles, we have decided to repeat the PHENOMENAL breeding of Quest x Moxie for later this year! We are also going to have a Link x Proven litter for Link's first sired litter (pending Link's OFA's to be completed May 2023). We have decided to wait for Jenga's first litter until the first part of 2024. We have lots of sports plans lined up for her for the remainder of 2023, so we will wait until Spring 2024.



Fall 2023


Quest x Moxie

Link x Proven 


Spring 2024


Quest x Jenga



Quest x Moxie have produced OUTSTANDING pups in their previous litters so we can't wait to have another batch of these fantastic puppies. Smooth coated red and red merle puppies expected.


Link x Proven should produce very stable minded, well rounded pups that can do anything you take them to. Rough coated black & white and blue merle puppies expected from this match.


*Waiting lists have started for these litters so be sure to inquire if you are interested.*


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