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Please read all of the information provided below. You will find the answers to many of your questions, my terms of placement, and what you can expect from my puppies and from me. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this information! Be sure to check out our PUPPY PAGE for our current plans!


Potential Upcoming Litters 2019/2020

AKC and/or ABCA Registered Puppies


All pups from this litter will be registered with the ABCA (American Border Collie Association) and AKC (American Kennel Club) when available.  Once you have picked a name for your new pup, please contact me so I can send out the application for ABCA registration. I will be sending the application once I receive ALL names for the entire litter. Please note that it could take several weeks to receive your papers. Some folks take a good bit of time to name their new pup! I will also provide the application for registration with AKC (American Kennel Club) in your puppy pack. Please send in your registration for AKC, so that I may keep track of my litter!

All pups will be dewormed multiple times and will have received their first vaccination. Pups will have received a FULL physical examination by my veterinarian prior to leaving my home and given health certificates if flying to their new home. Any health concerns raised by my veterinarian will be discussed with you and a decision can be made as to the purchase of said puppy. If additional evaluation regarding any health concern is recommended by my veterinarian, that will be done at my expense PRIOR to the pup leaving my home. Once pups are with their new owners, any additional evaluations or tests will be done at your expense. If the decision is made NOT to take any puppy in question, another pup may be chosen from the current or future litter.

Please give your vaccine booklet to your veterinarian at your first puppy visit so that you stay on schedule. I microchip all of my pups prior to leaving and you will have the registration application in your puppy pack. MAKE SURE to register your microchip! A microchip does NO good if no one knows about it! All medical information, health clearances, and vaccine information on puppies and their parents will be provided and be found within the puppy pack.

 I feed all of my adult dogs a raw diet with a small amount of kibble (Victor Hi Pro Plus). I will start puppies on the Victor kibble and let new families choose whether to feed a raw diet. I will not start puppies on raw simply because some owners will not pursue this in the future. I will provide a sample bag of this kibble for you to use in the transition to the food of your choice. If you choose to change foods, I have found it to be easier on your pup if you gradually introduce the new food into the current diet over the course of 5-7 days. This will help prevent stomach upset that could occur if the food is changed abruptly. I have been feeding pups 2-3 times daily and recommend feeding them AT LEAST twice daily until one year old. Consult with your veterinarian if you aren’t sure what brand or type of food to feed, although many veterinarians will NOT recommend a raw diet. My adults have done wonderfully on a raw diet for years!

I will provide a sample of heartworm prevention/flea control that I use. You MUST keep your pup on yearly heartworm prevention, even if located in a cooler climate. Please consult your veterinarian if you have questions about this. I highly recommend year round prevention in ALL areas of the country. I use Sentinel, which prevents intestinal parasites, heartworms, and controls fleas. I also use Advantix or Frontline Tritak for control of ticks. This is VERY important in area where ticks are a problem! Always consult your veterinarian if you have questions regarding flea/tick control.

I am a big fan of TOYS and LOTS of them! A young, energetic pup will be less attracted to your things if they have their own toys. I love anything made by KONG. I find the brand to be worth the price, as the toys seem to hold up much better than most. I love tennis balls, fleece tugs, rope tugs and mini-soccer balls! My pups always have access to plenty of toys, so they will expect lots to play with! I especially like tugs that have tennis balls, squeaky toys and rubber toys that make noise. KONG toys with hiding spots for treats are always fun, too!

A substantial puppy pack will be provided with your new pup that we will go over at the time of pick up. Registration information, microchip enrollment, a sample of food, a toy, all medical information, vaccine/deworming history, pedigree for the litter, and all genetic testing of the parents will be included in this pack. It is important that we review this prior to taking your new puppy home! For puppies traveling via plane, puppy packs will be mailed to new families at least one week prior to the puppy leaving my home.

Please keep in touch with me regarding your pup. I love updates, pictures, etc. I love hearing about what they are doing, what their personalities are like, and what they look like. If you ever have questions/problems concerning your pup, ALWAYS contact me! I am here to help in any way I can. If a situation was to arise and you can NOT keep your pup/dog, PLEASE contact me so that I may take the dog back or find a suitable replacement home! NEVER place your BC pup in a shelter. I will always find a home or keep the pup myself before having my pup/dog end up in a shelter.

Please read the terms of placement thoroughly and ask any questions you may have. If you agree to these terms, please sign, date and return to me via e-mail or bring with you at the time of pick up. If a suitable pup is not found in this litter, your deposit will be transferred to our next litter. PLEASE NOTE THAT DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Pups CAN NOT be held without a deposit ($300) placed for them. I have tried to reserve pups for folks without deposits before, and it just didn't work. Therefore, I must have a deposit to reserve your spot on the list or have a pick of a puppy. All deposits can be transferred to any upcoming litter, but are NOT refundable!


Terms of Placement:

The purchase price of my pups is $1500, no matter sex, color or litter. All pups will be registered on a non-breeding status unless otherwise discussed and approved by myself. There are many desexing options available through various veterinarians. I am more than happy to discuss these choices with you. I do NOT recommend desexing at an early age. It is best to wait as long as possible for the health of your puppy, and I prefer to wait until 12 months of age. Breeding rights can be an option once discussed thoroughly and important agreements are made.

I guarantee all puppies to be healthy and happy at the time they leave my home.  Puppies have been dewormed and vaccinated (age appropriate) and new owners agree to continue appropriate veterinary care, including vaccinations and deworming’s based on the advice of your veterinarian.  All puppies traveling via air will have a health certificate within 72 hours of travel.

My pups have been very well socialized and exposed to many sights and sounds. I raise my puppies with Puppy Culture and do ENS, as I try to start puppies off as best as possible. Video and pictures will be taken regularly so that new families can watch the litter grow and learn. New families agree to continue socializing their pup, take training classes when available, and provide the appropriate physical and mental stimulation for their new BC baby. This is very important to ensure that my pups can be the best that they can be.

The sire and dam of this litter have been DNA tested for genetic disorders and either OFA or PennHip certified to be free of hip dysplasia.  Documentation of these tests will be provided to you. If at ANY point your puppy develops a genetic health problem determined by your veterinarian (documentation provided), I will offer a replacement puppy from a current or future litter.  If you DO NOT want to keep the dog/puppy in question, please return to me (not optional).  Please note that deposits and purchase monies will not be returned and a suitable replacement pup will be offered when available.

If at any time the health or disposition of ANY of my puppies/dogs is in question, please notify me immediately.  I do my very best to breed and place very healthy, happy puppies.  My breeding program is based entirely on the health and stable temperament of my breeding adults. If a situation arises and you are unable to keep any pup/dog you adopted from me, please return the dog to me regardless of age or reason. I will always take back any puppy or dog that you have adopted from me.

I am ALWAYS available for my puppy families if you need help or advice, so please always keep me informed regarding your puppy! 





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