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We offer a variety of services from boarding, training, training "boot camps", to sports training. All training services are tailored to each individual to help you meet your training goals with your dog or puppy. Contact us for more information on our training schedules,availability and to set up a consultation.

Boarding at Buck Branch

We offer boarding services to all of our Buck Branch pups AND other dogs that meet our criteria. We provide a safe and worry free place for your pups to stay while you are away and they rarely want to leave! Unlike commercial facilities, your pups will stay inside our home, exercise regularly with our own dogs, and be treated just like own of our own. We have lots of room for exercise, many dog friendly pups to play with, and a pond for the water loving pups to swim and play in. Please read below our guidelines and stipulations regarding our boarding services and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

  • Any boarding dogs must be people and dog friendly. No exceptions. Boarding dogs do not NEED to play with other dogs but can not be aggressive in the presence of strange dogs (growling or barking when dogs walk into the room or walk by their crate).

  • All boarding dogs need to be current on vaccinations, particularly Bordatella (kennel cough). This is for your own dogs protection, as we do travel and compete all over and are in contact with many other dogs. 

  • Dogs must be comfortable sleeping in a crate or 5x5 run without excessive whining, barking or generally "disturbing the peace". Since this is our home, we can not allow excessive barking inside our home or outside while playing or on potty breaks.

  • We feed Purina ProPlan Sport and are happy to provide this food only for dogs who currently eat this diet. Otherwise, you will need to bring your own food for the stay. You are welcome to bring blankets or beds, a favorite toy, or any treats your dog loves. Please let us know if your dog has any food allergies since we do like to give lots of treats!

  • Boarding costs are $50 per day. If you have more than one dog, it is an additional $25 per day per dog. Payments accepted are Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay or CashApp. Personal checks are accepted from existing boarding clients. Payment can be taken at pickup for stays less than 5 days and for stays over 5 days, full payment is requested at the time of drop off. We do request at least 2 weeks notice for boarding since we only take a certain number of boarders at one time.This ensures all dogs get the appropriate attention they deserve while staying with us.

  • We are very flexible with drop off and pickup times. Just let us know in advance so we may plan accordingly. Typically, we allow drop off's as early as 8am and pickup's as late as 8pm, but can work with you if you have extenuating circumstances. Please note that picking up your dog after 2pm will count as a day of boarding.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding our boarding services. We always enjoy having visitors and our dogs love having new play friends!

Training, Board and Train and Boot Camps

Coming Soon!

UPDATE June 1, 2023

We are working to update this part of our page with the most current and accurate information regarding training, bootcamps, and extended stays. 

We will update this page regarding our training services very soon. Keeping checking this page or reach out to us for more information.

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