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Below you will find a brief bio on each of our amazing boys. We are so fortunate to have each of these wonderful dogs in our lives. Our boys are athletic, have super dispositions and are willing to try anything we throw at them. They are truly a versatile bunch. Please visit our social media pages for many more photos of all the dogs, doing the things they love.


Kipper Its All About You "Kip"

Kip is my amazing boy that is my pride and joy. He has all the qualities that I love in a border collie. He is intelligent, kindhearted, athletic and has the very best disposition. Kip introduced me to the world of dog sports and he excelled in everything he tried. His very favorite game was Flyball, but he loved agility, dock diving, lure coursing and loved to work ducks and sheep. He is truly the all around boy. Kip is retired from sports and breeding but enjoys a nice swim in our pond, his tennis ball and lounging around the house. Retirement suits him just fine!

ABCA/AKC Registered Red & White Tri DOB: 01/05/2007

Kip stands 20in tall and currently 36lbs

Kip has a medium coat and medium build

DNA tested CEA Carrier, CL, TNS, MDR1 Normal CERF Normal

OFA Hips Fair PennHip .3/.5

FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDch-G, CA, CGC, FM, CAA, FMX, Certified Goose Dog NAGA


CB Waiting For The Rush It's Time "Rush"

Rush is our wonderful son of Kip and Envy and truly everything I wanted from that breeding. He is very much like both of his parents! Rush is extremely eager and willing, very fast and agile, and such a sweet boy. His first love is a tennis ball but he also loves swimming, dock diving, and lure coursing. He is a very powerful dog and gives his all in everything he does. Like his father Kip, he has produced some extremely nice puppies for us that excel in all the sports and are the best companions. We are very fortunate to have Rush as part of our Buck Branch gang.

ABCA/AKC Registered Red & White DOB: 07/27/2012

Rush stands 21in tall and currently 38lbs

Rush has a medium coat and medium build

DNA tested CEA Carrier, CL, TNS, MDR1 Normal (by parentage)

OFA Hips Fair

CGC, CA, one Q shy of CAA, Certified Goose Dog NAGA


CB Gambling On Gold "Hustle"

Hustle is the resident "golden pony" and our largest border collie, standing 24in tall. Such a big boy! He is a delightful dog to be around and has the sweetest way about him. He loves everything and everyone and is the kindest dog you'll ever meet. Hustle is a powerful dog and throws himself into whatever you ask of him. He enjoys swimming, tennis balls and really loves puppies. He is our go-to puppy babysitter and loves to have puppies crawling all over him. Hustle has sired several beautiful litters for us, all showing his sweet nature, athleticism and beautiful structure. We are very lucky to have this boy as part of our family.

ABCA/AKC Registered Gold & White DOB: 06/02/2015

Hustle is eeRed (gold masking, red & white based)

Hustle has a rough coat and medium/large build

Hustle is 24in tall and currently 50lbs

DNA tested CEA, CL, TNS, DM, MDR1, I-GS Normal (PawPrints Panel)

OFA Hips Good

Quest FastCAT.JPG

BH Quest

Quest is one of our youngest boysat Buck Branch and we could not be more delighted with him. He is everything I wanted when searching for a new male to add to our crew. Quest is an amazing athlete and is agile, sure footed and incredibly fast. He's also a very keen working dog with great eye and easy, fluid style. Quest loves to play ball, herd anything that moves, and is learning to love water more and more. We'll have this boy swimming confidently in no time! I love this boy's beautiful structure, his rich chocolate color, and his amazing personality that keeps us laughing daily. What a tremendous boy that we are so fortunate to have. We thank our friend Tommy at Border Hollow Farms for the opportunity to have this boy.

ABCA/AKC Registered Red & White Tri DOB: 11/22/2018

Quest is 19.5in tall and 40lbs

Quest has a smooth coat and a small/medium build

DNA Normal (by parentage) for entire Border Collie panel PawPrints

DNA Clear Entire Panel Optimal Selection

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Shoulders Normal, Patellas Normal


Future Goose Dog



CB The Missing Link Of Cool Meadow

Link is our youngest boy here at Buck Branch. He is a delightful red & white boy from working and show lines. He is a silly, goofy boy who absolutely loves to play, chase anything that moves, and he LOVES water. Maybe a dock diver in the future? Link has a gorgeous full coat, a beautiful "boy dog" head and really nice structure. We are very excited to have this very sweet, level headed boy and thank Rachel at Cool Meadow Farms for the opportunity to be Link's people!

AKC Registered Red & White DOB: 03/15/2021

Link is 19in tall and 42lbs

Link has a rough coat and medium build

DNA Normal (by parentage) for entire Border Collie panel PawPrints

DNA tested Carrier EAOD, otherwise clear on Optimal Selection Panel

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