We are located in beautiful Pittsboro, NC where we raise and train our dogs on a secluded 10 acre property. We have a beautiful pond for the dogs to swim in, many trails to walk, and lots of open space to run and play. We strive to raise and produce outstanding individuals that represent the perfect border collie. Occasionally, we have litters that have been planned for years in advance. Although we don't have pups very often, they are known all over for their outstanding dispositions, remarkable intelligence, and their beautiful structure and appearance. Our dogs and our pups have amazing athletic ability and drive, which makes them wonderful sporting dogs as well as family companions. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our beautiful dogs and/or puppies. Not sure how to get started with the process? Get in touch with us, tell us about yourself and what you are looking for, and we will take it from there!



Our puppies are raised in our home where they can be exposed to many sights, sounds and smells that are in most homes. Along with constant handling, this ensures our pups get off to the best start possible. Raising our pups in our home allows us to properly monitor them and teach them about noises and movements that take place inside a home. When old enough, our pups venture outside to our puppy play yard. There they will meet the big dogs, socialize and play, and become familiar with noises and smells found outside. All of our pups will hear lawnmowers, weed eaters, and other common pieces of equipment that most people have at their homes. We do our best to provide a stimulating environment for our pups from the very beginning! Feel free to contact me (Christy Bierema) with any questions about our pups. The BEST way to make initial contact with me is through e-mail. However, I also answer text messages and phone calls when I'm not out playing with the dogs! Please give me as much detail as possible when inquiring about our pups. It will help me determine if we have just the right pup for you and your family! Please review our terms of placement and ask any questions you may have regarding this.

Please read this portion in its entirety when considering a border collie pup, whether it be from me or any other breeder! We spend countless hours raising and caring for our pups, therefore finding them the perfect home is our first priority. Understanding the breed is very important when deciding whether to take a BC pup home! Border Collies are extremely intelligent and highly energetic dogs. Are you prepared to physically and mentally challenge a border collie pup? Because of their high level of intelligence, we strongly recommend you take your puppy to formal training classes as early as possible. If you are NOT an experienced trainer, would you be willing to take your pup to training classes? Border Collies are very eager to please and need a substantial amount of interaction with their people. Do you have an active lifestyle and/or enjoy being outdoors? The majority of our pups are purchased for performance sports and/or family companions. We do implement a spay/neuter contract upon purchasing one of our pups. Are you willing to have your pup spayed or neutered in the future? Our recommendation would be to have your pet spayed or neutered between 12-18 months of age. Always consult your veterinarian with questions regarding this. Also, contact us for any questions regarding our border collie puppies. We are here to help you make the right decisions!

Christy Bierema  919-604-4222  buckbranchbc@gmail.com

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