DB Ziva's Times Makin Changes  "Ziva"


Ziva is one of those dogs that you absolutely fall in love with as soon as you meet her. She is the kindest, sweetest and most gentle dog that I know. Ziva is very intelligent, willing and forgiving. She is extremely happy, goofy, silly and can always put a smile on your face! She has been the easiest dog I have trained and ALWAYS strives to please, no matter what. Ziva has incredible speed, amazing athletic ability, and a good amount of eye when working stock. She loves to show off on the lure coursing field and has blistering speed when after the bunny. Ziva also loves to play ball, go herding, swim in the pond, and dive after her ball. When we aren't playing, she has a fantastic off switch and is the best house dog ever! We are very fortunate to have Ziva with us at Buck Branch Border Collies and always look forward to fun times with this girl. Please enjoy her photo gallery, stats and accomplishments below. **Ziva is retired from breeding**

DB Ziva's Times Makin Changes

AKC/ABCA Registered Blue Merle 

Ziva stands 17in tall and currently 28 pounds

Ziva has a medium coat and a petite build

DNA tested CEA/CH Normal, CL Normal, TNS Carrier

CERF Normal (2013)

OFA Hips Good




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