CB Feature Presentation  "Solo"


Solo is a wonderful little girl that we picked from the Kip x Ziva litter, and we could not be more thrilled with this girl. She is such a little athlete and certainly has her parents speed, ability and their wonderful disposition. You just won't find a sweeter girl! Solo, like her mother, always wants to please you and will try anything you ask of her. She loves to play ball, chase the other dogs around the pond, and lay in your lap for some tummy rubs. Solo has a fantastic attitude and will go anywhere and try anything. Her most recent love is Lure Coursing! She's definitely a fast girl, just like her parents. We are truly delighted to have this girl as part of our family. Enjoy our photo gallery of Solo below and see her stats and accomplishments.



CB Feature Presentation

AKC/ABCA Registered Blue Merle

Solo stands 16.5in tall and currently 25 pounds

Solo has a medium coat and petite build (she's very tiny)

DNA tested CEA/CH Carrier, CL Normal, TNS Carrier, MDR1 Normal




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