DB One Last Endeavor  "Sequel"

Sequel is our pick of the litter from the Hustle x Ziva litter born June 23, 2017. Miss Sequel is everything we could have asked for from this wonderful combination of dogs. She is super outgoing, very playful, very intelligent, and extremely determined in everything she does. She enjoys playing with the other dogs, loves playing tug with anyone she meets, and LOVES her long recalls at flyball practice. Sequel has amazing athletic ability that she is showing us already! She has great quickness on her feet, and an amazing vertical jump. She will be an agility dog deluxe! We are very excited about our future with this pup! Enjoy Sequel's photo album below!

DB One Last Endeavor

ABCA/AKC Registered Blue Merle

Sequel is currently 17.5 in tall and 26 pounds (at 9 months)

Sequel has a medium type coat and medium build

We will test for TNS status (could only be carrier or normal) otherwise NORMAL by parentage

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