CB Happening For A Reisen  "Reisen"


Reisen is a wonderful red merle girl that we just had to have. She is a great-grand daughter of our Iceman (d) foundation male, a grand daughter of our Kip, AND was sired by our Ziva's full brother (Ziva's line is unrelated). She is a wonderful blend of all of our dogs from past to present. Reisen is extremely fast, agile and LOVES to run. She is light on her feet and can really turn on a dime! This girl has amazing stamina and a BIG gas tank. She also loves to play ball, swim in our pond, and is a natural at herding, with an easy but effective working style.  Reisen is a very intelligent dog that likes to problem solve and figure things out on her own. She always thinks her way is the best way. We love her beautiful structure, gorgeous markings and rambunctious attitude. You can always expect a lot of energy whenever she is involved. Reisen is a crucial part of our wildlife management company and has proven to be one of our best goose dogs! She can really just go for hours and hours but then cuddle in your lap and enjoy some attention. We are lucky to have this girl as part of our family. Enjoy Reisen's photo gallery, stats, and accomplishments below. **Reisen is retired from breeding**



CB Happening For A Reisen

AKC/ABCA Registered Red Merle

Reisen stands 17.5in tall and currently 30 pounds

Reisen has a medium coat and small build

DNA tested CEA/CH Normal, CL Normal, and TNS Normal (parentage)

CERF Normal (2013)

OFA Hips Good



CA, CAA, 2 Q's toward DS

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